Friday, October 13, 2006

Shoplifters of the World...


So the weekend is almost here. (Cue: white-water rafting stock footage, people hoisting beers, hooting, etc.) and I'm looking forward to a nice weekend of napping, and possibly organizing my dvds. That last bit exhausts me even just looking at it. How do we become these people? I remember being someone who would drive around and do stuff, and now I don't like to drive anywhere on the weekends if I have a good parking spot near my house. I will be working on the pilot script with Betty Ann, which is nice, but I also need to think about at least the possibility of thinking about another feature. Plus I also need to find some sleeping gas to pump into the apartment next door after 10pm to make those kids stop yapping and get to sleepin' some. I'm aure they are super nice and all, but the incessant giggling gets on the nerves at 12am. I wonder if they go to school. I assume they do because the 11 year old seems to have no end of little girlfriends that he talks to on the telephone. Now, when I say "girlfriend" I mean it in the "girlfriend, you're fierce!" kind of way. It's always a little heart-warming when I think of the parental disappointment felt when people realize they have a little screamer amongst them. I'm hoping the illusion will be shattered while I still live there, because if I have to live there with these people being loud all the time, I want to be able to hear the good stuff.


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