Friday, October 13, 2006

An Old Entry About Cube Sitting

7/31/06 9:06am PST

Sitting in my cube sitting in my cube sitting in my cube sitting in my cube sitting in my cube sitting in my cube...

You get the drift.

I just got my breakfast delivered to me, which is pretty sweet. Pedro, sweetheart that he is, hit a key on my keyboard with the decaf latte and the brilliant entry that I had typed up got zapped into some ether or other. Oh well. I have food, and my hand accidently brushed Pedro's, so there was a minor thrill as well. And so early on a Monday!

The weekend was fairly delightful - went to beach again, and I think now after several weeks am now beginning to see the tan fruits of my labor. Carcinomas ahoy! I spent Sunday alone (heavenly) doing laundry, recovering from the massive doses of THC that a friend's brownies gave me, and watching old movies, including some Tom Baker "Doctor Who" serials on DVD. I think it may have been the best Sunday afternoon ever. I did have to leave the house (wretched) in order to get a haircut and to pick up my Zyrtec from the ratty Walgreen's I have to use now, but for the most part a truly five-star day. The phone did not ring ONCE. I think people are finally getting it - I just like to be left to my own devices during the weekends and require little to no personal interaction.

Perhaps if I pretend I'm in a Doctor Who serial today, things will be better. Then again, when have I not been in a Doctor Who serial? Is my cube a poor-open air excuse for a polics call box that whips me through space and time? They are both rather square in shape. Perhaps someday it will take me away. For now though...

sitting in my cube sitting in my cube sitting in my cube


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