Monday, May 07, 2007

Here we are.

So it's Monday. I shall refrain from Ziggy-esque commentary on the inevitability of Monday apathy.

I still desire to go on a trip. Where should I go? Whither should I wander? I do think about heading to London; for there I can bunk with Meagan and her newish husband, and also crash at Karen and Demetri's place. The question is how long would I go for, and would I really want to stay in London the whole time since it is so murderously expensive? I feel like it's a polished New York. Granted, it has a lot more history, but I might be able to get all my British ya-yas out by popping in season one of Footballer$ Wives and just letting Tanya take me away.

I mean, she's just good stuff.


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