Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Running up that hill...


I just had pizza for lunch so I am carb drunk. That feeling of being full combined with the need for a nap. It's not too terrible, but I think I will get a cup of coffee.

I'm heading to New York this week, and that should be fun. One of my three confirmed readers is very excited for my arrival. This is my version of a shout-out, Siobhan.

It's grey here in LA. I've noticed that I tend to write in here when it's grey out. I am that predictable.

I watched the first episode of the Muppet Show a few nights ago. The very first guest star was a woman, a dancer, named Juliet Prowse. She was pretty, had immense hair that must have been a wig, and did a routine with some trippy green horse-muppets. I immediately clicked over to IMDB to see where she is now.

Dead for the past ten years. That's where she is now.

DVDs are great for letting us relive our childhoods. But then there is the inescapable truth they present us with: that except for a few people who are immortalized in some sort of recordable medium, we are all just so many sparks that fade and die upon the breeze blah blah blah.

So, this realization coupled with the fact that I am going to see Kiki "Everyone Dies" Durayne on Sunday does make me sit and stare out into space a bit.


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