Monday, September 03, 2007


OK, once again I am writing this from an airport as I get ready to wing my way home to Los Angeles. In this case I am writing to you from the Jet Blue terminal at JFK. I would have typed something from Logan but that was just too damn early in the morning. I am wondering how long I am going to stay awake on this plane. My money is on not very long. I am apparently flying into an oven - weather reports that I have been reading sy that the weather has been around one hundred degrees. I think I might just splishsplash in the pool when I get back to the apartment, and then sit in my bedroom with the curtains drawn and the ac on. I should go to the gym and exercise, but I have to be honest and say that that holds no interest for me whatsover.

I did have a generally nice time at home, but I think that the three day rule really should be observed from now on. i have noticed that the time with the family is much less stressful if I just keep it short. That way the hurtful comments can be kept to a minimum on both sides.

Had a nice time at the beach yesterday with Jenn and the kids. We are approaching our mid 30's and those other grown up people down the beach is us. Kind of shocking. 40 looms close and heavy. Granted I have years more to go before I get there, but I am beginning to wonder what I will have to show for myself once I get there. And then it's 50 and then I think you don't care that much anymore. We will see.


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