Monday, October 13, 2008


I think Facebook should have more than one option to describe your connections to another member. I do. I know there is a way you can describe your connection to a person after you become "friends" on the site, but at that point you're already "friends" and then putting in the comment "I actually don't know this person very well, but I think he's friends with this other guy in my department and I'm worried about offending people so I'm just agreeing to this. He loves the fax machine, which I think is kinda weird/lame since you can totally just scan and email things now." seems pointless to me. I mean, you've said you're friends. You've said it out loud, into the e-universe. Putting in that sort of descriptor after the fact just makes you look indecisive. Or that you are a waffler. Perhaps even an indecisive waffler. But I may have a solution.

I think there should be a "sorta friends" option. As in, "I like this girl, we totally hit it off at that party, and I may want to ring her up at some point if I need to get a hold of several cases of soda at a hefty discount since she's a production coordinator, but I just don't know if I ever really want to speak to her again." And then maybe there should be an option to attach, like, a LOLKatz or something after to the announcement to the e-world that this new particular electronic umbilicus is now in place. So your peeps can know you're all fun like that.

Or maybe some sort of pull down for when you re-connect with people from high school. I mean, there's the obvious ones: "lab partner" or "drama club" or "unresolved homosexual affair". That sort of thing. We all think we were very special and noticeable in high school, but we must face the fact that it simply was a long time ago, and we may or may not remember each other exactly as we were, or how well we actually knew one another. Hindsight is not only 20/20, it also tends to be rosy. Unless you were one of those people who was totally unpopular and got teased all the time and had no friends, and in that case you aren't going to be adding a lot of people from high school anyway. But with my pull-downs (pul-downz? pds?) so much confusion and head-scratching can be avoided.

I need to think about this more, but the faxing guy just sent me a facebook email that I have to answer. Because we're "friends".


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