Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is a nice day.

This also makes me wonder if we have finally gotten to the point in our nation's culture where being African-American is just another ethnic identity in our lovely melting pot, as opposed to a ongoing reminder of how our Nation repeatedly (and so terribly) stumbled in the past.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol

I don't want to watch it. I just don't, OK?

I think it's mean; at least the beginning part. I feel it appeals to the people who watch Olympic Ice Skating (or, alternatively, "Ice Dancing") in the hopes they will see someone fall and humiliate themselves on the global stage. And if their hand gets run over by their partner's skate in the process, all the better. I went to school with a Gay who would literally watch the winter Olympics and shout "Fall!" every time some hapless athlete would jump into the air to attempt a triple fudge lutz or whatever, and then he would look displeased when whichever Ninja in Sequins managed to come back down to the ice without tumbling. I, for my part, would cheer whenever a jump was landed, regardless of nationality. Of course, everyone else in the room thought I was cheering because of the successful jump, or for the costumes, or music choice (My Heart Will Go On!); those who know me better knew I was cheering because this other person in the room was feeling disappointed. Disappointed in the lack of failure. So, yes, was I guilty of taking delight in someone else's tiny hopes being dashed? Of course I was, but the other person's hopes were petty and nasty, so I am not that bad of a person in this situation. At the worst, I'm like a Calvinist or something.

So, anyway, Idol. I can't stand it. So, some people are untalented who think they are talented. So what? Why do I want to see them humiliated? On GLOBAL television. Millions of people, everywhere, seeing someone's hopes turned to a pile of ash and melted hair product bottles right outside the door to conference room at some convention center in Cincinnati or some other place. Ugh. No thanks.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Miss C.C.

We will miss you.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Well, here we are. 2009. Another year. Undeniably middle-aged. Still single. Dissatisfied with career.

I hold you personally responsible for all of these things.

But, in the meantime, resolutions!

1. Meditate more.
2. Write more.
3. Stop people from using the word "pod". It's just gross.
4. Eat a salad.
5. Do the mud run again.

All of these things seem doable. I'd also like to be less anxious, but that just might be my way.