Monday, November 27, 2006

Fish and Guests...

It's 5:42am. I'm drinking some coffee, thinking about going to the gym. My parents have been here for one full week as of today. It's been... not the easiest thing in the world to have them here this long. My father woke me up at 4:40am (an hour ago) as he was "quietly" walking past the living room sofa where I, since their arrival, have been nested like a giant gerbil. He was heading into the kitchen area, presumably to start the always glacially quiet process of making the coffee etc. It was going to turn into one of those National Lampoon/"I'm so angry I could spit" moments because I had set the coffee maker to make the coffee so it would be fresh and tasty when I was supposed to awake at 5:30am. Now, what was immediately annoying about my father's early-even-for-him attempt to sneak past me was that last night was the first time in about, hmmm.... two years that I had gotten myself organized enough to program and prepare the coffee maker the night before. And of course, this was the earliest morning by far that he has been awake since they have been here. It just seems like he is programmed to automatically destroy, complicate, and annoy. It may have been his attempt to be "helpful" since I am going back into the office today. I'm not real sure. He may have just been antsy and decided he was going to make some coffee so he had something to do, and Lord knows when you can't sleep, a nice cup of coffee is exactly what you need. From my nest of shredded newspaper and sunflower seed shells I told my father to go back to bed, which he did. Now I am sitting with a cup of automatic coffee, and wondering what it would be like to be one of those people whose parents aren't sonambulist caffeine addicts without enough to do.

It's only going to get more hateful from here on out. They told me they were only going to be here for a week, but in fact, they are here for two more days. More later, I'm sure.


Blogger Meags said...

My dad wakes up at 4am EVERY DAY to make coffee, so when I come out to visit and am mucho jet lagged and just want to enjoy some lonely morning time, he is up and wants to talk politics. I just want to mooch.

I love him dearly, but at 4am I don't want to talk Dubya.

PS -- your invite is winging its way to you!

2:30 AM  

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