Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beauty Paegent

I'm thinking about child molestation.

Not about doing it, but that there seems to be a lot of it these days. Apparently there was a recent sting that nabbed 125 people that were trading kiddie-porn online. I realize that the Internet has made child pornography way more accessible to those who need it, but I have to wonder at the strange stupidity of that when it's so easily traceable. I guess I've always wondered how kiddie-porn was distributed before the Net. Because even if you found a printer that was willing to make a glossy mag dedicated to children being sexy, wouldn't that person not do it simply because it would mean he would lose his business if ever found out? So then I immediately imagine guys in their basements in Milwalkee (sp?) dilligently developing their own negatives, making the copies on some sort of ancient xerox or mimeograph, and sending hither and yon in a sort of newsletter style. I don't know why I think this stuff goes on only in middle America, but that seems to be what I beleive.

I'm not going to accept that this stuff is made in Thailand either.

So, it leaves me to wonder, why are there so many people who think that kids are sexy? So much was made of Jon-Benet and her, to be frank, whorish appearance at the time of her murder. People seemed shocked that anyone would dress a child that way. Again, I think what freaked people out so much was not that there was a little girl who had been dressed as bait, but instead that someone actually took the bait. No, this is not to excuse the killer, or any child-rapist anywhere. I think it's just my general feeling of "ick" when I see commercials for products marketed to little girls that center around putting on fairly adult make-up, doing aerobics, dating games, et al. I suppose it's one of my general bugbears - the immediate brainwashing of children into their "appropriate" genders, and thence into the gender-specific drone career needed to keep the economy moving.

I'm sleepy and a bit crabby. And reading that 125 people trade kiddie-porn freaks me out.


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