Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sitting at my desk after the departmental Holiday lunch. Had three glasses of wine with my filet mignon. Had german chocolate cake, and a lot of cheesebread as an appetizer. And then there are the french fries I had with the filet, peppered green beans and whatever else was put in front of me. Which included a salad that comprised of iceberg lettuce and roquefort dressing. Mmmmmm... roquefort.

I am a Holiday fatty.

It doesn't help matters that I am still recovering from one of the worst hangovers I have ever had in my life. Tuesday night was the last night of our favorite waitress ar our favorite restaurant - Malo in Silverlake. So, of course this prompts one to go and drink 4 double margaritas and to do tequila shots after. On a school night. Ridiculous. Wrong.

Is it wrong that I am nostalgic for things that never happened to me? Reminisce over feelings that are responses to imaginary events? Events that should have taken place on hot summer nights in New England, but didn't. But I did think about them. I suppose I reminisce over my memory of my imagination. I do know that I will reminisce at some point down the line over my insane drinking on a Tuesday, but not very soon.

I'm listening to April March's cover of "Cet Air-La" so that might be what started this cascade of Lynchian teenage mental wandering.


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