Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yet another Saturday morning.

I have to be honest. I like sitting on my sofa, reading web pages, sipping coffee and listening to Saint Etienne. I really do.

I first got introduced to SE back in college by my friend Karen. It was the Foxbase Alpha record. I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever heard. As far as I was concerned, if you weren't walking around Providence with "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" blasting out of your headphones, you were missing out.

Lately I've been trying to go back and remember more things about college, since for the most part it has been just a blur in my mind without very many specifics.

Here are the specifics I can remember:

1) Smoking
2) Figuring out if I was going to say "hi" to that person coming towards me.
3) The steps of the SciLi
4) Faunce Steps, and sittting with Melanie on them
5) Never, ever feeling like I knew where I was going.

I've been talking trash about Brown for some years now, but I wonder if I should just get over it and realize that it wasn't all bad, it just wasn't what I wanted.

Sarah Cracknell is singing "People, get real" over and over again on my stereo, perhaps it's time to listen. Nah.


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