Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Finer Things.

Children of a Lesser God:

I am sitting at work, in that hazy space of not having anything immediately pressing down upon me workwise, so I find myself wondering what particular personal project I am going to tackle. I just finished reading about the Harvard Lampoon on Wikipedia, because apparently I needed to know about it. I've also eaten an apple, so I can check that off the list. I've scheduled myself for another piece of fruit in early '09.

I went to the premiere of "Knocked Up" last night and I do have to say that it is a terrifically funny movie. And Leslie Mann, as the sister of K. Heigl, really did make me laugh, and mostly because I saw a lot of myself in that character. Angry, but mostly because of a frustrated need to love. Or angry because she just loves so intensely and strongly. Maybe both? That's a bit personal for these pages, I'm sure, but I am slightly over-tired and full of OTC cold medication so I can say what I want.

I need to work on the "Teen Southern Gothic but set in New Enlgand" movie, and then I need to write a few novels. Looking at the Lampoon page and eating an apple has made me feel homesick again for the fall days of Massachusetts, a feeling I never once had before. It's odd to think you can miss weather, but there it is.


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