Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Old Entry about Strategy and 9/11

11/04/04 7:28AM PST

I have reconsidered my plan for the next four years. I was just going to take enough valium and other members of the holy trank family to remain semi-comatose for the entire second Bush regime, but that's how I spent a lot of the mid 90's and feel it may be time for a new strategy.

My new strategy is just to get up every morning and to be as scorchingly liberal as possible. Again, this is not much of a stretch for me, but perhaps I will be more outspoken again. In my age, I have mellowed. I, like most other non-militaristic nice people, became comfortable with our progressive nation, well, progressing. I felt like the cultural war had neither been won nor lost, but that perhaps more conservative people in our midst had finally seen there was no need for a cultural war in the first place. Everyone could do what they like, do who they like, and do what to whom whenever they like as long as it was within the confines of the law and that was that. Looks like I got that one wrong. It is time for me (and you) to dust off my mini-megaphone (and yours) that is festooned with many colorful and agit. prop-y stickers from the early 90's. I'm sure i have it somewhere, back in the box with the Nirvana posters and the Sundays tickets.

Apparently terrified people are running around convinced that gay people are the end of the world, a woman's right to choose whether or not she allows herself to be an evolution pod should not be up to her, and that sending more young American soldiers from our inner cities and from our economically demolished industrial centers over to Iraq to be blown up is the answet to...what now again?

I feel like I am going to blow if I see one more of these ignorant, hateful people jump up and down to defend this so called "war or terror." I want to grab each one of these people, shake them and say "Were you in New York on 9/11? You weren't? Oh so you mean you are just reacting off of what you saw on the Tee Vee and what your preacher, I mean President, has told you what to think?" When I watched the Towers come down - from my apartment - my first thought about what to do was not nice:

"Whoever did this, kill them all."

Hey, I'm human.

But after a few days, I realized that perhaps it is not as simple as going there and killing the enemy, especially if we do not know where the enemy is. The enemy could flee into a series of tunnels in the Afghani mountains, or hold the highest office in the land. On a side note, I am also tired of people co-opting 9/11 as their own personal tragedy when they live in friggin' Mississippi. You don't know anyone in New York so shut the fuck up. It's like when someone's mom dies in high school and that fat drama club girl wails and moans and sobs about how sad it just get some attention thrown her way in the lunch room. Yuck. You know what? I did know someone one one of the planes, I do know people who were at the WTC and I do not remember signing anything that said "please send poor black kids from Compton to get blown up for an entirely unrelated matter."

Bush stole his first election. Flat out stole it. What do you think he would not do after that to get and consolidate power? His VP is the Penguin fer chrissakes. I think he is capable of doing anything, because he is a nut job and not terribly bright. That's a super bad combo.


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