Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Old Entry about Oligarchy

10/27/04 9:10AM PST

The election is coming. Oligarchy in our government looms. Well, a more blatant oligarchy in our government looms. George W. Bush does not care about anyone who makes under six figures. This unto itself is not necessarily evil, but it could create a conflict of intertest when you occupy an office that is charged with steering of a nation in which there are lots and lots and lots of people who do not make six figures or more.

I have been hearing for some time that George W. is a born-again Christian. I find it hard to beleive that he is a real, dyed-in-the-wool, soaked-in-the-river born-again simply because his mother is Barbara Bush. I don't know Barbara personally, but I do know a lot of old conservative ladies. I think the idea of a bible thumper in the summer house on Nantucket/Kennebunkport/Quogue/wherever would most likely create more consternation than excitement for an old-school lawn party warhorse like Babs. But anything to get her son off the sauce and the coke I suppose.

Did she raise her eyes to heaven and thank her dusty Connecticut Jehovah for sending his more viscous and bubbling emanation to raise her son out of sin? Or did she merely watch in wonder as Billy Graham transformed her boy into an oily soldier for the American God? Did she fret over how the maid was going to get the grass-stains out of his new madras pants as his knees sank deeper and deeper into the muddy summer lawn while the spirit of the lord filled him? Did the sea-spray of rocky Maine fill her eyes as George W. breathed in deeply of the Lord?

I call on Barbara Bush to help us reclaim our country. I know she loves her children, and is immeasurably proud of their achievements. Granted, most of them got to where they are through family connections, but what's done is done. I don't necessarily trust Michael Moore, but the footage of a President reading Pat the Goat while my city was being attacked still sticks with me today. We need someone else in that office.

I want Barbara to take her son by the hand and lead him out of the oval office, smiling gently all the while, and perhaps luring him with a liquor-filled truffle or something.

We are no longer in a historical period in which good madras pants from Brooks Brothers are enough to govern a nation. And I know madras is totally back this season, but they're for golfing.


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