Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Old Entry about Art and Elections

11/03/04 8:19AM PST

LALALALALALALALALA...that's the sound of me pretending this isn't happening!!!

Are we really going to have four more years of this?

As I watched the map choose its colors last night on all the networks, I did have to stop and think about the old stereotype about the middle of America versus the coasts. It seems for the most part wherever there is a lot of water, or no history of slavery, people tend to vote Dem. I find this interesting because a great republican president was the guy who ended slavery back in the day. Extra points if you can name the president.

I need Bill Clinton back now. Just pump him full of that heart medication and get him up there. Now.

Remember when Cinton was President? We all felt like things were pretty ok and the middle east was sort of ok and people had jobs...

But thank G-O-D we have a lame-ass oil executive in the Oval Office for four more years. Perhaps he and his vice-p (the Penguin from Batman) can steer us towards even better wars in which the children of people who NOCD get blown up.

I need a pill.

Well, I always need a pill, but I REALLY need one now.

This sucks,

I would like to know who was in office when the Taliban blew up those wonderful giant Buddhas in Afghanistan and why they did not think this was the sign of worse things to come. I would like to start there. Remember America, anyone who would outlaw love and blow up art are not your friends. At all. Outlawing love is bad. Blowing up art is bad. Standing by while people blow up art is BAD. Becaue then they get high off of it and want to blow up other things.


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