Friday, October 13, 2006

An Old Entry About Drowning.

10/11/05 10:13 AM PST

I'm at work and a little out of it after sleeping in. Accidentally sleeping in. I'm having territory issues since they have brought in another temp. Granted he is doing something different than me, but is also essentially sucking air and getting paid for it, just like me.

I interviewed for a job yesterday that would be great if I got it, but it would mean no time to write at all at all at all. As I am struggling uphill as it is to get stuff done it does give me some degree of pause. Oh fret fret.

I'm feeling very romantic in a very adolescent way these days. Lots of Susie Suh on the cranky ipod. One night stands are fun, and abound here in LA, but even that loses its novelty after a while. I watch a friend of mine who compulsively fills his bed with college students and I get really depressed. That child is a person, not a floatation device, put it down already.

I always seem to prefer to drown.


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