Sunday, January 14, 2007


Go see Children Of Men. Real good. Depressing as hell, and I didn't need the failed-romance history, but it's really good.

"If you really strip it all away, the film is about the loss of hope. It is about hope ceasing to be real thing within people and my character, Theo, embodies that," says Clive Owen, who stars as Theo and he sees the journey of the reluctant hero, not as some futuristic fable, but a relevant ...even urgent ... commentary on today. "The human spirit is in a sense of hopelessness. Theo has given up. There is no point to anything and in the movie hope is re-awakened. Theo does become engaged again as a human being and there is something to fight for. That's why I would argue with anybody that says it's a very bleak, dark outlook of the future because you can relate to it. This film feels, to me, more relevant than a lot of films that are set right now in the present day."


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