Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh, more movies.

So, watched "Notes on a Scandal" again, and watched "The Queen." Both are good, but NOAS was by far my favorite. If not for the particulaly salacious nature of the story, just for the transcendent performance by Dame Judi. An emotionally stilted, sexually shut off lesbian stalker. Delightful.

Where does desire go after decades of unfulfillment? If it is a desire that seems so general, so very malformed, is it rather infulfilled? Incomplete? Is it really desire when one is seeking to dissolve into someone? Or something else entirely? An annihilation of the self through an unwavering focus on a target. Especially delicious when that target happens to be the ideal you've worked to achieve in yourself your whole life, but can only watch it recede further into the distance with each desperate, clawing grasp for it.

Please note the previous paragraph - and this sentence - should be read with a crisp British accent in mind. That will be all.


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