Saturday, October 14, 2006

Old Entries about Graduation and Topper

4/25/05 6:15PM PST

allergies. cranky and sleepy. hateful.

4/11/05 4:30PM PST

Too much Anne Sexton, stringbean.

4/10/05 11:50 AM PST

Anyone notice that during this current junta in the white house shows like Buffy and Xena are gone? The closest we have is Nancy Drew, I mean Veronica Mars.


4/9/05 5:16 PM PST

It's your fault the Pope is dead. Just so you know.

I had one of those over-the-top THC experiences last night that left me saying things like "my teeth feel really, REALLY good."

I'm watching some random Helena Bonham Carter movie. She's in Italy (again) trying to get some dying girl to leave her and her boyfriend all her money through wispy deceit. I think I need to re-stock the diet coke supply.
4/6/05 11:14PM PST

I am a mess.

Impending ejection into the real world - albeit in five months - has me in a tizzy. My friends in the immediate area around me have already gotten an earful, so I won't go into too much detail here. I've been writing a lot, freaking out a lot, going on bad dates and watching all the episodes of the new Battlestar Galactica series. I've become obsessed and watch them over and over again. It's all about Mary McDonell. Hot.

I am also sore as all heck, as my 20 year-old trainer decided yesterday to actually earn his paycheck. Ow. I went back on my own today to quietly work out in a corner because my abs apparently were replaced at some point in the last two years with a bag of wet sand. Not a lot of strength there. It's always embarassing and fab to flash back to that 6th grade place where you know you aren't doing the sit ups right. I guess the difference this time is my core of meanness is well in place to overcome any former fatty shame.

For now.

One of the men in my life who always inspired me/made me jealous with his physique was my friend Jenny's dad Topper. Topper is a character too funny and gruff to go into here, but one of his defining features was his very developed physique and his supertan. I spent good portions of time for three summers running with Jenny's parents. And I really came to enjoy Topper.

I found out yesterday that Top has pancreatic cancer. Bad. It's massively unfair. He and Janis - his wife/Jenny's mom - are in Florida and I sit here in my room waiting for news. I've been doing some thinking and I hate situations I can't change.

But there's always sit ups.


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