Saturday, October 14, 2006

Old Entries about Paris Hilton and AFI

6/8/05 11:09 AM PST

OK, I'm bad. No updates in forever. I've been busy folks. It's been a mad time trying to get all my writing done for the end of the semster.

Today is graduation, but as it is AFI I have another 10 weeks or so of school. Such is life. Personally, I'm just grateful for the reprieve from the loans.

I do get a nice cap and hood today that has set me back about 100g.


5/12/05 10:01AM PST

The myth of the happy couple is perpetuated by people who only want to make you even more unhappy with your God-forsaken life than you already are.

5/08/05 2:29PM PST

Mother's Day. Need more medication.

4/29/05 12:24AM PST

Is it wrong that every time I hear "Mary Kay LeTourneau" I think "Mary Kate and Ashley?"

Paris Hilton interests me again, but House of Wax looks like it would scare the bejeezus out of me. Everytime I see the commercials I think Marilyn Manson is coming to turn me into some sort of 18th century German party favor.


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