Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Old Entry about Voting

11/02/04 3:12PM PST

Well. election day is in full swing. For some reason, I can't get the image of Captain Eo (M. Jackson disneyed out)voting in his full regalia.

I voted as soon as I could this morning, as I am compulsive and enjoy things of a civic nature. As per the stereotype, the polls were being manned by cranky octogenarians who were not very friendly, and who tended to get pissy if they caught a whiff of sass.

I was simulanteously heartwarmed and made extremely squeamish by the attractive gay male couple in line ahead of me. It was an interracial couple - white guy, attractivish, 30's, and his boyfriend, latino or philipino/asian and real, real, real good looking, also in his 30's. Does white dating latino or asian count as interracial anymore? Anyway, I saw the democratiaclly gay couple inform the pollsters that they did, in fact, live at the same address. The unspoken thought on those ancient lips being why would two adult men live at the same address know. But everyone was polite.

When I finished voting (I am one of the annoying fuckers who reads everything on the ballot and then double checks when I am done) I gleefully accepted my "I voted" sticker and headed out into the clear morning sun. I sipped my decaf and reflected on my grandfather's service in the US Army during WWII. I do this everytime I vote, its another compulsive thing I do to make me feel less guilty about not calling my grandmother as frequently as I should.

As I walked home, I could see my interracial gay couple a few blocks ahead of me, winding their way home. From there, they would presumably kiss eachother goodbye and head to work. The grass was green, and the sky was a cloudless blue. They have lives just as mundane and screechingly boring as everyone else. And that's what makes our nation great. The right to free boredom and ennui and vague dissatisfaction safe on American soil.

We live in a wonderful, dangerous time. But I honestly believe it is no less wonderful or dangerous than any other time in our country's history. It's just that the danger is configured differently than it was during, say, the 80's when all we could do was watch endless "life after the bomb" movies.

The only thing I really fear right now is a government that would keep the nice gay couple ahead of me in the voting line from having equal pretection under the law and instead make them into second class citizens. While claiming to be acting in our best interest, our current President and his administration have used tactics of fear to hold power. They are interested in dividing and conquering, both overseas and here at home. Anyone who wants to outlaw love is not your friend.

I keep thinking about the green grass, and all the bugs that crawl underneath it. Unseen, but there nonetheless.


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